CFS Modena Carpet Tiles Blue

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CFS Modena Carpet Tiles Blue
Buy CFS Modena 100% Polypropylene Carpet Tiles: Colour Blue from UK Floor Shop based in Milton Keynes.

Modena is a 100% Polypropylene, Heavy Duty tight loop pile tile. It is incredibly hard wearing, stain resistant and available in 13 popular colours.

Backing:   Bitumen 

Colour/Lightfastness:   EN ISO 105 B02 to light ≥ 6 EN ISO 105 E01 to water 5 EN ISO 105 X12 to wet and dry rubbing 5 

Dimensional Stability:   ISO 2551: <0.2% 

Fibre Content:   100% Polypropylene

Flammability:   ISO 13501-01 dfl-S1 BS 4790 low radius of char 

Gauge:   1/10 

Pile Weight (g/m2):   390 

Sound Absorption:   ISO 354: 

Sound Impact:   ISO 140-8: 24dB 

Static:   Stroll Test BS ISO 6356 >2kv

Stitch Rate:   43 per 10cm 

Tile Size:   50cm x 50cm 

Tiles Per Box:   20 

Total Height (mm):   5.9 

Total Weight (g/m2):   4180

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Condition: New